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Friday, March 18, 2005

Go, Peggy, Go!
Peggy Noonan really tells it.

I am utterly repulsed that anyone, anyone, thinks it's a good idea to pull Terry Schiavo's feeding tube out and let her die of dehydration. It's sickening. It's repulsive. It's abhorrent and disgusting. What kind of sick mind does this sad, pathetic excuse of a husband of hers have to be fighting so strongly to kill her? (And that's what it is when you forcibly and purposefully deny someone water. It's murder. Let's call it what it is.) What is gained by this? What is lost by letting her live? The guy doesn't have to lift a finger for Terry, doesn't pay a penny. Her family cares for her. What is with this dude?

It's sick. Just plain sick.

Let her live.

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