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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Nomination Shocks, Worries Europeans
The Washington Post has found several hand-wringing Euro-weenies (not too difficult a task) to react to the President naming Paul Wolfowitz the next President of the World Bank. Here's a cheese-eating surrender monkey - I picture him hiding in a dark back office, eyes darting back and forth, sweat beading on his upper lip -
"The pessimistic interpretation is that this administration has to give sop to the far right. There was Bolton and now Wolfowitz -- where does it stop?"
First let me say this, President Bush doesn't "give sop." Wolfowitz was chosen because he and the President agree on what needs to be done and he is eminently qualified. Lefties and Democrats "give sop," President Bush gets things done.
Greenpeace called it "a disaster to put the World Bank, which should be delivering sustainable development, into the hands of a man who clearly will put U.S. and oil industry interests first."
Who cares. I'm surprised Greenpeace still exists.

Some guy from ActionAid
said in a statement that the announcement "speaks volumes for the need to reform a process which is neither transparent nor based on merit. . . . As well as lacking any relevant experience, he is a deeply divisive figure who is unlikely to move the Bank towards a more pro-poor agenda."
Hey, Action-Man, democracy and freedom are pro-poor. Totalitarian governments are anti-poor.

But, finally, there's an 'old European' with some sense (and he's French, no less):
Francois Heisbourg, a leading French defense analyst who knows Wolfowitz, said the first reaction of many was "fear and loathing," but added, "Paul is a man who has intellectual depth. He's not a one-agenda, single-point man." He said that as U.S. ambassador to Indonesia, Wolfowitz helped steer the country toward democracy.

"He does have the breadth of experience and range of interests that could serve him well in this kind of soft-power job," Heisbourg said. "He's probably more suited to this soft-power position than his hard-power position at the Pentagon."
There you go, Francois, there's hope for you people yet.

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