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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Some Scathing Rebukes
Terry Schiavo is not without those who are sticking up for her.

Here's a scathing rebuke of all the murderers involved by Nat Hentoff, entitled "Terry Schiavo: Judicial Murder". He excoriates the ACLU in particular, always an easy, but necessary, thing to do. He lets Michael Schiavo have it too, pointing out that he has done nothing at all for Terri's benefit as her "guardian", and has actively opposed treatments that might help her. Hentoff also points out an interesting fact I didn't know: Terry has never had a lawyer protecting her interests. Her case was decided for her without the benefit of legal counsel. Even the most craven child molester gets a lawyer. And here's a quote: "Do you know that nearly every major disability rights organization in the country has filed a legal brief in support of Terri's right to live?"
If you did, you didn't get it from the major news outlets. Finally, he points out another excellent point: The courts haven't ordered a cessation of medical care, they have ordered here to be "made dead". We have a word for that in English: kill.


Joe Ford has Cerebral Palsy, and when he was a baby, a doctor tried to kill him, so he knows what he is talking about in "Bigotry and the Murder of Terri Schiavo"

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