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Friday, March 25, 2005

William Shatner Fame Audit
Jonah pointed me to this Fame Audit of William Shatner.

Now, the FameTracker site is a hoot. Very funny. I particularly love the "2 Stars, 1 Slot" feature that compares actors and actresses the fit into a specific niche. (Think Vin Diesel vs. The Rock as "Beefy Bald B-Movie Bad-Asses").

One of my favorite shows these days is Boston Legal, mostly because of Shatner and James Spader. Terrific characters. Shatner is particularly good -- as the aging, somewhat bumbling but somewhat "I-still-got-it-especially-when-you-are-sure-I've-lost-it" Denny Crane. Very funny indeed.

So the fame audit of Shatner hits the nail on the head. The guy is shameless, has literally done just about everything you can think of for a celebrity to do, but somehow we love all of it. Either he's the biggest horse's ass in the history of show business or the biggest genius. Or maybe he's both.

Either way, I love the guy.

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