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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Incredibles
I'm back. Thank you, Nick, for holding down the fort in my absence - well done, as always. I will now attempt to do my share.

My family and I took a vacation and had a great time. One helpful tool for the trip was a portable DVD player (helpful? more like indespensible). Anyway, The Incredibles was the movie most often played - with good reason. Peter Robinson did a nice interview with Craig Good of Pixar last December. I like this excerpt:
We don't make movies for kids. We make movies for adults, actually ourselves, and then just make sure there's nothing in them that the little ones shouldn't see. The local cineplex is littered with movies made by studios who want to second-guess what the audience wants. We find we get better results by making what we want, and then assuming that there are other people like us out there.
That's a winning formula (as long as the creators remain in our world and don't become residents of whatever world most of the Hollywood movie makers inhabit). Let's hope they can keep it going - I love what they've done so far.

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