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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Oooh, Those Scary Minutemen!
I love news reports like this one -- Border Militia Divides Arizona Residents. You may have heard about these guys: Citizens concerned about the rampant lawbreaking going on along our border, and how they are lawfully patrolling the border to try to help enforce the law as best they can. They are acting in a perfectly legal manner, and helping to enforce the law.

The new report is a classic, casting aspersions sinister motives and alleged dangers. It quotes a local truck driver, one John Porter as saying "I'd rather take my chances with the Mexicans than one of these U.S. military type idiots taking part in the patrols," as if the issue were the dangers caused by the illegal immigrants. Classic stuff.

I say, more power to these Minutemen. At least someone in Arizona thinks they are effective.

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