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Monday, April 11, 2005

Surprise! High-Falutin' Government Program is a Failure!
News reports like this one -- 10 years and $10B later, COPS drawing scrutiny -- make me shake my head. Typical of the Clinton years, the Community Oriented Policing Services program a 10 billion dollar program was corrupt, mismanaged, and ineffective.

Clinton got a lot of mileage out backing the program and promoting the fantasy that a federal (!) program to finance local police would be a good idea. Politicians backed it, passed it, and never mentioned it again. But yet, no one remembers and no one holds those politicians accountable. And worse, when similar plans come up again, no one stops to think "Maybe this will just be another big boondoggle like the COPS program". Nope, they'll just spend more money, take all the credit, and let the program bomb again. And a failed government program has become so routine that we barely even notice when it happens.


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