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Monday, June 20, 2005

Big Shot Bobby
Boy, if you didn't watch that game last night, you missed a HUGE one. This is one of the greatest Finals games of all time. I could hardly watch it, because I thought for sure that the Spurs were going to lose, and I want them to win. They were behind almost all night, and when they got ahead, the Pistons just kept coming back and taking the lead away. It was back and forth, up and down, left and right, in and out... well, you get the idea. It was a great game. And I'm just talking about the first three quarters.

Then, there was the Robert Horry quar... er,sorry, the Fourth Quarter. Okay, it really was the Robert Horry Quarter. Or, if you want to count the killer three pointer he drained with about a second left in the third, it was the Robert Horry Quarter and Two Seconds More. Horry simply took over. He scored 21 of San Antonio's 34 points. All but one of those buckets either tied the game or put San Antonio ahead. He threw down an unbelievable left-handed dunk over about three guys that was easily the "Greatest Dunk by a Guy over 34 in the NBA Finals Ever". Truly stunning. He scored the last five points of the game after the Spurs were down by four in the waning minutes of overtime. Then, of course, he sinks a deadly three pointer with about five seconds left in overtime that saved Tim Duncan's legacy, made Rasheed Wallace look like the dumbest man on the planet, and pretty much handed the Spurs the Ring this year.

Duncan's legacy got saved because he missed six free throws in crunch time. Six big, Michael-Jordan-and-Larry-Bird-Would-Have-Made-Every-One-of-Those-to-Seal-the-Victory free throws, and then the less-noticed, but incredibly irritating missed tip in to win the game in regulation. (DUNK THE BALL, TIM!! Sheesh). Rasheed looked like an idiot because he left Horry , only the guy who has made more big three pointers in the history of the league, at the three point line to double team Manu Ginobli in the corner. (Lest we forget, Ginobli also had his back to the basket. Earth to Rasheed.) Horry had gone four of five on threes in the second half, was absolutely on fire, and has made more big shots in his career than a mob hit man, but there he is, wiiiiiiide open behind the arc with the game -- the championship, really; does anyone believe that Detroit is going to win both games in San Antonio? -- on the line.

Anyway, I watched the game, and I can tell you, I won't soon forget that stunning display by Big Shot Bob.

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