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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Love Gitmo
Actually, I'm not sure that I love Gitmo. I think we are pussy-footing around a bunch of psycho-pathic murderers. Frankly, I wish there actually was some torturing going on down there.

Now that "Senator" Durbin (I use the scare quotes because I think the guy is a disgrace and should resign. I'm not even sure I consider him a Senator anymore anyway. I think of him more as a weasely, terrorist-loving pile of putrid cat vomit, but there you are.) has called our servicemen working there Nazis, I'm a little more inclined to love Gitmo.

So, since we know that the MSM and the likes of Durbin and horrid Star-and-Sicle (I wish I could call up and cancel my subscription, but I don't subscribe) won't tell you the truth about what is going on down in Gitmo, here's an interview with a guy that served there for a year. He gives you the straight scoop. Read and learn the truth. Read the Star and Tribune and learn the lies.

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