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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Praise for Adult Stem Cells
Several days ago I wondered about the popularity of embryonic stem cells while adult stem cells sit at home waiting for some beau to call for a date. Doesn't make sense when the neglected one is prettier, smarter, and doesn't mind springing for dinner once in a while. Want more proof?
[S]cientists from London's Imperial College report in The New Scientist that they have repaired patients' own damaged livers by using bone marrow adult stem cells collected from their own blood. Five were injected with a drug that stimulated their marrow to produce extra stem cells that were then injected into a blood vessel leading directly to the liver.

It worked. Both liver function and overall health of three out of five treated patients improved significantly within only two months of treatment. The two patients whose health did not improve were left no worse off.
And yet, the uglier girl - the whacked-out nut job you wish you'd never met - is still getting all the dates. Go figure.

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