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Monday, November 14, 2005

Happy 80th, Mr. Buckley
This is a great post from the Corner today:
For all his versatility as editor, essayist, critic, controversialist and bon vivant, Mr. Buckley is widely credited as the driving force behind the intellectual coalition that drew conservatism from the fringes of American life to its center, with such side-effects as the utter collapse of the Soviet empire. "There's nothing I hoped for that wasn't reasonably achieved," declares Mr. Buckley, who will turn 80 later this month. "Now, I'm going to have a cocktail," he announces, flashing his oblique grin. "Will you join me?"
I love that. It must be nice to say, "There's nothing I hoped for that wasn't reasonably achieved." That's pretty good. Even better, "Now, I'm going to have a cocktail, will you join me?"

The above quote is taken from WSJ's article about The Man. Here's another nice excerpt, this regarding the problems in France -
"It seems to me that a very hard dose of market discipline would distract the attention of the young revolutionaries from their frolics, traditional and otherwise, and my sense is that if they had to worry about how to eat, and buy food, they would stop screwing around and face reality. If these people didn't wake up in the morning thinking about what cars to burn--instead of work--they might not be having these problems."
Very nicely put.

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