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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

re: Super Bowl
Gary -- I totally agree. The refs did a job on the Seahawks, without question. On the Rothlisbergereiesligbergerwhatever "touchdown", you could see the ref running up, thinking "Okay, hmmm, spot this on about the one inch line.... oh, wait, that's right, we got that memo from Tagliabue.... TOUCHDOWN!".

Hines Ward was given the MVP award, but I think the Refs should have gotten it. Without them, Pittsburgh wouldn't have won. As far as I'm concerned, Pittsburgh's "victory" is completely tainted. It was almost like an NBA playoff game out there.

My favorite commercial was the one where the guy kept throwing the phone at the other dude. I want one of those theft prevention phones. My other favorite commercial was the little colt who pulled the Budweiser wagon. That was cool.

As for the Holmgren family, God bless 'em.

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