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Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl
The Seahawks were robbed. It seems the NFL wanted a Steelers victory and a Jerome Bettis "retiring as a champion" story line (what is this, figure skating?). The memo went down to the zebras and they did their part - quite unconvincingly. We saw phantom pass interference, holding to negate any big play, and blocking below the waist - on a tackler! They tried to give the Steelers the ball on a non-fumble but the video evidence was too strong. The Seahawks didn't help their cause much - too many dropped passes and poor clock management. But even in spite of those mistakes, they should have won. Had the crowd not been 90% Steelers fans, we would have (and should have) heard the time-honored chant, "These refs suck! These refs suck!"

Some related stories:
  • Joe Montana didn't appear with the other Super Bowl MVPs at the beginning of the game because he wanted a $100,000 appearance fee. It is reported that Terry Bradshaw also had a problem with the money and stayed home.
  • Coach Holmgren's wife and daughter were also not in attendance - but for much better reasons. They were on a medical mission in the Congo. I'm sure they enjoyed their day more than Mike.
  • My favorite commercial: "The Magic Fridge."

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