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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ralph Peters
writes a scathing opinion piece in the New York Post today. He makes the points that should be made every day concerning the Kerry campaign.
Is there nothing Kerry won't say to win the election? Is there no position he won't change? Doesn't he care anything for the sacrifices of our troops in Iraq?

And if he does care about our soldiers and Marines, why is he broadcasting remarks that insist - against all hard evidence - that the terrorists are winning?

... He's reverting to form. Just as he lied about our troops three decades ago, encouraging our enemies of the day and worsening the suffering of our POWs in North Vietnam, today he's pandering to a new enemy.
This is the point I was making yesterday. The true Kerry is coming out - the multilateral, relativist, we're-no-better-than-anyone-else lefty - and I'm praying it will bring about his defeat.
In an election year, our engagement in Iraq is a legitimate topic for sober debate. But Kerry isn't serious. All he does is to declare defeat. He certainly doesn't want to be al Qaeda's candidate, but he's made himself into their man through his irresponsibility.

... The terrorists and their allies already intended to increase the level of violence in Iraq before November. But Kerry's pandering has encouraged them to pull out all the stops. I wish it were otherwise, that our election process had more integrity, but the truth is that every roadside blast and car bomb in Iraq is meant to support John Kerry.
Read the whole thing, it's a good one.

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